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  April 25´th 2014 - English


April 25´th 2014

We talked with the Turkish Women A Nationalteam player Leyla Güngör from the club Limhamn Bunkeflo 07 in Sweden.
Our aim was to find our what for opinon Leyla has now and what experiences she had in the past, after we had talked to her in the year of 2010 .
Leyla is born in the year of 1993 in Malmö and is the daugther of a turkish father and a swedish mother.
She had 31 appearances overall for several Turkish National Teams (A, U19, U17).
Now we can hear what Leyla can tell us about her experiences and about her aims for the future.

: Hello Leyla, first of all thank you for your readiness for this interview. You played for LDB FC Malmö in the past. Can you tell us in which club you play currently?
Leyla: I play for the club Limhamn Bunkeflo 07 now.

Question: In which leauge does your club play in Sweden?
Leyla: We play in the Second League (Elitettan) under Damallsvenskan in Sweden.

Question: Can you tell us on which position you are playing in your current club?
Leyla: I play as a middfielder or right wing.

Question: What are your season statistics? How many times have you scored or made an assist?
Leyla: Our season just started for like 2 weeks ago. We just played 2 games, but i've been injured for almost a month now so I haven't played.

Question: You are also playing for A National Team of Turkey. How much appearences did you have for A National Team of Turkey till today?
Leyla: For the A Nationalteam I played 15 games and scored 2 goals, or i think so (at that momet she laughs).

Question: When have you played for Turkey at last?
Leyla: It was last year 2013 against England in Birmingham in the Women World Cup Qualifying.

Question: What does it mean for you to play for Turkey?
Leyla: Of course it means alot to me. It's great to represent my country, even if I am born and raised in Sweden I still have the turkish blood in me, so it's a big honor to wear the nationalteam jersey with the turkish flag.

Question: Can you remember the first time you played for Turkey? What did you feel?
Leyla: I will never forget that! It was a wonderful feeling. My first game I played with the Turkish A Nationalteam was against England.
There were 7000 people who were there and watched our game. That was big for me, and at that point I understood, that this is big and I've come a very long way in my football career just as a 17 year old girl, and got to play a World Cup game with a A Nationalteam.

Question: You have also played for the Youth National Team of Sweden. Can you tell us how much appearances you had for Sweden?
Leyla: Yes, I've just played 8 games with the Swedish youth nationalteam, of course that was fun and a experience.

Question: What do you do aside from football? And what is your aim for the future?
Leyla: I work in healthcare, with the older people. My aim for the future, right now I really don't know exactly. But I will keep fighting with football beacuse it's something I love to do, and with the time we will see where my talent takes me, hopefully in a big leauge.

Question: Thank you very much for your answers Leyla ? Is there anything that you want to say to the folks out there?
Leyla: You will always have ups and downs, never let anyone push you down in some way, most importantly, believe in yourself !

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